Holidaypark Ponderosa

Walking tracks

Stroll your way through pure Brabant

Naturally, you can take beautiful walks from Ponderosa Park. It is located in the midst of nature and so, from here you can walk straight into the woods. Your best four-legged friend can keep you company on your walks. Through the woods, you can walk straight to the centre of Baarle-Nassau.

There is also a quiet zone along the track, where bird lovers can spot birds to their heart’s content. Naturally, there is also a bird spotting lookout and brooding area here. Especially in the Spring, there is lots of birdlife to be observed and heard around here. Via a different route, you will walk past potato fields alternating with corn fields.

Ponderosa op Zoover
Camping Ponderosa - 4 Sterren
Maaijkant 23-26
5113 BD Ulicoten
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