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Fun activities

What kind of fun activities are there in the area Ponderosa? We have listed a few for you.


Reptile House De Aarde in Breda is one of the smallest zoos, about 600m2. From Ponderosa you can get there in half an hour. Nice to see the citycentre of Breda afterwards. During a visit you have the opportunity to talk to an animal keeper, ask questions, do a treasure hunt and of course hold a snake. The real reptile-fan can easily spend an hour here. 

Sailing through the canals of Breda. Take a look at Breda from the water and take a cruise on the canals with the canal company 'de Nieuwe Mark'. Every half hour there are 2 boats and the duration of the cruise is 45 min to 1 hour. The skipper will tell you about the history of the city and the sights you pass along the way.

Climbing and adventure forest in Goirle is a 30 minute drive from the park. Discover one of the most beautiful climbing forests in Brabant, in the middle of Natuurpoort de Roovertsche Leij (near Tilburg). Conquer challenging courses between the treetops. Jump a free fall from 12 metres. Climb and climb to your heart's content for 2 hours on ten different activities during Fun Climbing - The Game! The height varies from 1.5 to no less than 12 metres.

Playgroundparadise De Vossenberg in Gilze, is a  farm, furnished as a cozy play paradise. Both in the indoor playground with crafts and carpentry attic and the outdoor playground there is a lot of entertainment to be found. At 20 min drive from Ponderosa.

Cinema Pathé & Kinopolis in Breda. Pathé is located in the centre of Breda and on the outskirts of Breda in the Breepark you will find the Kinopolis. From Ponderosa the Kinopolis is the most directed at 20 min drive.

Lasergaming & bowling, can also be done at Breepark in Breda at 4Hoog. Because of the special lighting the lanes can be colored in all colors of the rainbow. This way it is disco bowling every day!

You can play miniature golf at the Steengroeve in Chaam. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, a round of miniature golf remains exciting. Nice to combine with a one hour cycle route with TrusjeTrap, this is a 4 or 6 person bike with which you cycle through the Chaamse woods.

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