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Ponderosa surroundings

An adventure in Brabant

The province of Brabant is known for its hospitality and the traditional good life of Burgundy. Not surprising that many people regard this region as the ideal place for a holiday in their own country. Baarle Nassau, where you will find Ponderosa Park, has all of the characteristics that Brabant has to offer; and more. Cycling and hiking through the woods, past small villages and the most beautiful little churches.

Enjoy a short city trip to Breda, Tilburg or across the border into Belgium. Or pay a visit to one of the summer street fairs in the nearby villages. Have you spotted a sign offering fresh produce for sale in a front yard? Make sure you don’t ring the front door bell, but just go around to the backdoor. That’s how things are in Brabant.

Adventure at the border in Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog

In combination with Belgian Baarle-Hertog, Dutch Baarle-Nassau forms the Belgian- Dutch town of Baarle. Two city councils, two countries, two Mayors, but one single population with two nationalities. This makes Baarle the most unique town in the world. This certainly makes it worth a visit! For more information:

Pleasant shopping experiences for the whole family

From the camping ground, you can find pleasant shopping locations close by such as Tilburg, Breda, Eindhoven, and Den-Bosch. There are also lovely shops to be found across the border in Belgium for example in Hoogstraten, Turnhout and Antwerp.

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