Holidaypark Ponderosa

Welcome to Ponderosa

We hope you have a wonderful time in our beautiful park. For over 50 years now, we have been making sure that our visitors have a great time in the ideally located village of Ulicoten surrounded by woods in the municipality of Baarle-Nassau, near the Belgian border.

Ponderosa has something special for everyone. Cycling, hiking and enjoying the surroundings of either Belgium or the Netherlands. The village of Baarle is located about 60 km from Rotterdam, on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands in the nature-rich green triangle between Tilburg, Turnhout and Breda

Baarle is the most remarkable village in the world: this village consists of 22 small interwoven regions of both Belgium and the Netherlands. On the map, it is referred to as Baarle-Nassau and Baarle-Hertog. Being rich in history, attractions and varied landscapes, it is therefore well worth exploring. This township is within easy reach from Ponderosa; a bike ride will soon take you there. There are also plenty of things to do at Ponderosa such as swimming in the indoor pool, cross cycling on the Pumptrack course or jumping on the big inflatable trampoline. During school holidays and high seasons, there are also recreation entertainers ready to play with the children.

Because we have a heated and covered terrace area, you can often enjoy sitting outside with a nice cup of coffee or have lunch or drinks and dinner. Our enthusiastic and customer-friendly staff are ready to look after you, show you around, and serve you a lovely bite to eat and drink on the terrace or in the restaurant.

Ponderosa op Zoover
Camping Ponderosa - 4 Sterren
Maaijkant 23-26
5113 BD Ulicoten
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