Holidaypark Ponderosa

Pumptrack Course

The ultimate Urban Playground

Bumps, bends and hills!

A pumptrack is a paved cross track with bumps and curves on which you accelerate by a pumping motion. The track is contiguous, so you can drive endless laps. On the Pumptrack you hardly have to pedal or step, but make speed by pumping with your arms and legs. By pressing the bike on the back of each hump to the ground, the bike makes speed by itself.

Guests from outside of the Park are also welcome to enjoy the Pumptrack course. As is the case for access to the pool, we charge an entry fee of only €4.50 per day. Tickets are available from the Front Desk. A membership option is also available; for €50 you can ride around on the track all year round for as long as you like.

You don’t have your own bike? Ponderosa Park rents out bikes and helmets.

  • BMX 18 inch €8.50 per day
  • BMX 20 inch €8.50 per day
  • Helmet Full face €7.00 per day
  • Helmet €5.00 per day

There are several safety rules that need to be followed by track users, including these most important ones:

  • Everyone must wear a helmet, the wearing of knee and elbow pads is optional
  • No electric or motorised vehicles are permitted on the track
  • All other rules that will apply are explained at the Pumptrack course

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