Holidaypark Ponderosa

Bicycle route crossings

Plan your own bicycle route in the Ponderosa environs

You may have already read that, during a bicycle tour through the Brabant landscape, you probably cross over the Belgian border on a regular basis. This of course, is not the only special aspect of a bicycle ride through the Park’s surrounding areas. Right through this area, there are several marked cycling tracks, making it easy for you to plan your own route so you can explore a different area every day. Either to Belgium, through several small villages or perhaps to the city, through farmland and large rural areas. You will not run out of sights to see.

Enjoy the sweet smell of strawberries.

Besides the cycling routes and crossings, you can also find a famous strawberry route in this region. From May to August the colour in the fields in this area turn red. The strawberries are back! On this route, can you smell the sweet aroma of these fruits from your bicycle. Hop off and pick (ask for permission first!) your own summer kings, enjoy eating them straight away or bring your own container with you. Many growers have a road side "Strawberry dispenser”. If you don’t feel like picking your own strawberries, can get some in a small tray from these vending machines. Super fresh and a little energy booster for the rest of your bike ride!

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