Holidaypark Ponderosa

‘Baroniepoort’ Ponderosa

Rural estate ‘de Baronie’

Take a good look around! Who would suspect that the region through which you are now walking or cycling is the birthplace of ancient legends, sagas and folk tales? These tell of haunted tales, witchcraft and superstition, but they also bring back to life the rich history of our region.

This magical place, located in the Baronie Rural Estate, is marked by a special column. The Baronie estate includes several magical places; every place has its own history. Scan the QR code on the column to listen to stories about this region, told by the Legend hunters.

What is the story behind the Baroniepoort (Baronie gate) Ponderosa? From June 23rd onwards, you can listen to this story.

Baronie gates at De Baronie estate

What is a ‘Baroniepoort’?
A Baroniepoort (Baronie gate) unlocks valuable natural areas or particular cultural historic sites in ‘De Baronie’ area. 

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